Unlike much of the other wedding décor, photographs and stationery are a keepsake memory of your special day that you can preserve forever as a reminder. This is why it is important to invest some money and choose a talented and reputable stationer such as Handmade By 'me'. We can make your vision for a table plan come to life!


Some ideas for table plans for events and wedding reception seating plans include:
• The scroll table plan is a simple but elegant idea
• Framed panel table plan
• Tree with hanging seating cards made in theme shapes, such as butterflies, flowers, doves and much more
• Floral wedding table plan framed in beautiful flowers and ivy

The event or wedding seating plan is the focal point where guests will gather when they arrive. The seating plan chart should be styled to match the wedding stationery theme. The design is completely up to you, whether you choose the traditional table plan or something a bit more modern. Our creative team of designers have numerous unique ideas of their own; plus, they can create almost any table plan idea that you can dream up. Just contact us on-line and let us show you some of our fabulous table plan samples.