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Planning for a wedding is never going to be an easy affair and it will involve a lot of time and effort to make proper decisions about what to do and what not to do. And as to the wedding invitations wording etiquette, there are several tips you should be aware of:

1. Your Invitations are the first insight to your big day and this first impression sets the tone for your wedding. This is why it is so important to get it right. Addressing your invitations is vital and it is worth the time getting all of the names and addresses (including partners full names before you begin sitting down to write your invitations.

2. Formal invitations should include, the full name of the bride and groom are necessary to be presented in the invitations along with the wedding venue, time and date and the corresponding phone number.

3. The names of the bride and the groom should be written clearly and the bride’s name should always be before the groom’s name even if the in laws are hosting the wedding.

4. Timings of sending your invitations differ depending on which country you are in but mostly about three months before the wedding to give plenty time for the guests to make plans and especially guests who have to travel.

5. It is essential to make the wording of the invitations correct. Try to stay away from slang terms and choose appropriate language. What?more, make sure you express your thoughts clearly regarding dress code and children

As to the informal wedding invitations, photo wedding invitations can be perfect for all seasons and wedding themes. As your wedding date approaches, you'll need to think about wedding invitation etiquette and what is most appropriate for the tone of your wedding. Below, you'll find some examples for casual and formal invitations and how to implement the correct timing in order to receive the most responses.

On average, invitations should be sent three months prior to your wedding date. Perhaps the best way to establish this time is to look at your reception and/or caterer final confirmation requirements. Typically, six weeks beforehand is a good estimate. Allowing four weeks for guests to respond is good etiquette both for your wedding vendors and your guests.

  • Formal Wedding Invitation Etiquette:

  • Write full names, including middle names. Omit middle name in lieu of an initial.

  • Spell out all wording on the invitation such as the hour, date and year.

  • Use black ink and a script type font

  • Envelope writing is typically typed or a calligraphist is used.

The outer envelope is addressed to the household recipient. Single guests should have their full name spelled, such as Ms. or Miss Jane Doe. Couples should read Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. The same applies for doctors, judges, clergy, or military guests.

Inner envelopes define who is invited. A singles' name is spelled Miss Jane Doe and Guest. If you do not wish for them to bring a guest, simply write Miss Jane Doe. A couple spelling omits the first name and reads Mr. and Mrs. Doe. If any children living under the household are over the age of eighteen, they should receive their own invitation. If the children are minors, their names can be listed individually on the inner envelope.

Formal weddings should always include response cards with adequate pre-paid postage. This ensures the likelihood that your guests will respond. Consider putting an RSVP date to gently remind them that there are people involved in your wedding who need to receive a head count on time.

Casual Wedding Invitation Etiquette:

  • Use the same outline as above for addressing invitations.

  • Okay to abbreviate hour, date and year.

  • Choose fun colours or funky fonts consistent with your theme.

  • handwrite your invitations or use a similar font to address the envelopes.

  • put an RSVP email address and phone number.

Maintain two on-going lists as your response cards come in. This will help you keep track of who is coming and give you an easy reference for your vendors.

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