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Wording - Christening Invitations

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Please have a look at the sample wording below and amend with your own details i.e. church date etc and email me your final wording choice as you would like it printed. 

i.e. with capitals in the correct places and the correct grammar etc.

We will send you a proof before we go to print.


Mr & Mrs Wakefield

Request the honour of your presence
at the Christening of their daughter

Laura-Jayne Elizabeth

On 5th January 2011
at, 12 Noon

St George’s Church, Barton-in-Fabis,


This precious gift from heaven above

will be welcomed into Christ's family with love.


You are invited to attend the

Christening of ________________

Laura-Jayne Elizabeth

On 5th January 2011
at, 12 Noon

St George’s Church, Barton-in-Fabis,



invite you to join them

and share their joy at the

Naming Ceremony for their son/daughter



joyfully invite you to share the

Christening of their son/daughter


Our darling little angel

was sent from heaven above.

Please celebrate her/his baptism

and surround her with your love!


(Child's Name)


May the Lord give His angels

charge over you,

to guide you in all your ways

Psalm 91:11

Help us celebrate love and new life,

as we dedicate our son/daughter,

__________, to God


You are invited to attend the

Baptism of our daughter/son



We're joyfully bringing our


into the love and grace

of God's family


Our tiny treasure,

more precious than gold,

has captured our hearts

forever to hold!

Join us for the Christening

of our son/daughter


The bread of life . . . the cup of joy . . .

this will be a blessed day



have the pleasure of inviting you to the

First Communion of their

DAUGHTER/SON, _____________


____________ would like you to join

HER/HIM and HER/HIS family

to celebrate HER/HIS

First Holy Communion


You shared my union

with Christ in Holy Baptism.

Now celebrate with me as I receive my

First Holy Communion.

This celebration of Christian Faith


Please join us in celebrating

the Christening of our son



request the pleasure of your company

at a celebration in honor of

the First Holy Communion

of their SON/ DAUGHTER



We're joyfully bringing our son / daughter

into the love and grace of God's family.


We invite you to celebrate

the Baptism of ______________


You are invited to attend the

Baptism of our son/daughter,



A rich tradition of yesterday.

The bright promise of tomorrow.

I invite you to share a

precious moment in my life






Please join with us as our SON/ DAUGHTER




accepts the responsibilities of

our tradition when HE/SHE becomes a

BAR/ BAT Mitzvah


Please join our family as we celebrate

the BAR/ BAT Mitzvah of our





On this day we place our child

in God's care forevermore.

Please join us for the

Baptism of our daughter/son





will receive the

Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Please join us on



First Holy Communion Celebration

For ________




Please worship and celebrate with us

as our son is Baptized



Our baby is a blessing,

who is beautiful as can be.

Come help us welcome her

into God's family!




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