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Wording - Birth Announcements

One Baby


Good things come in small packages.

Our package arrived today!

Introducing ____________


Pretty in pink and oh so sweet,

with tiny hands and tiny feet!


Announcing the birth of our daughter




Someone new to hug and kiss.

Our adorable daughter/son we can't resist!


Ten little fingers and a cute nose.

Everything is perfect

from his/her head to his/her toes!

Announcing the birth of



______ and _____

are proud to announce

the birth of their son/daughter



Baby can't wait to share the joys,

Brother can't wait to share the toys!



Welcome with love from up above.


Our lives filled with happiness,

and our hearts filled with love.

Because we have the little baby

that we've been dreaming of



Sugar and spice and everything nice.

That's what little girls are made of!


The Lord has blessed us with great Joy

By giving us a baby boy/girl!!!


From the top of her head,

to the toes on her feet,

our new little girl,

has made our lives complete!


Precious is she & oh so sweet,

tiny hands & adorable feet,

given to us by God above,

a darling daughter for us to love.


Look who's joined our family!


(NAME) has a new baby brother


Our bundle of joy has arrived.

She has tiny fingers, tiny toes

and a tiny pug nose.


Precious is she & oh so sweet,

from her hands to her tiny feet.


(NAME) has a new playmate


Tiny hands and tiny feet,

Someone new for you to meet.

Our daughter / son


(Parent's names)

Joyfully announce the arrival of


Look what the Stork has brought!

Announcing our newest family member.


 We are thrilled with joy

and proud to introduce


We welcome with love from up above.

Our precious Angel!


A, B, C, and 1, 2, 3.

Someone new to play with me!

Introducing my new baby sister/brother

Little boys are so much fun

We just had another one!



A sweet smile to brighten our day,

two little hands to hold on the day!


We welcome with kisses and hugs,

our new little snuggle bug.




It's a boy, we're happy to say.

He will soon be ready to play!


Chalk one up for the "_______" team



Hey Diddle, Diddle,

the cat and the fiddle.

Someone new, someone little.



A new life has just begun,

we have another son!


Announcing the birth of




We welcome with love,

a gift from above!

Our beautiful little angel.



We've welcomed aboard

a new addition to our family!



We welcome with love

our son/daughter



Someone special, someone dear

our new son/daughter is finally here!



Our baby is so perfect,

cute and new,

she's left her impression

on our hearts, too!


Our new MVP of the year!



Moon light, moon bright!

Spread your light

on our little angel tonight.



We're thrilled to announce

the birth of our little boy/girl.



Another sweet smile to brighten our day.

Another small hand to hold on the way!


Pretty bonnets, bows and lace.

Frame her tiny, sweet little face!



We've expanded our Home

by two feet!!


A brand new life has just begun.

What a pleasure it is

to introduce our son/daughter



Double the trouble, double the fun.

Our second baby boy/girl has finally come


Someone new to play with me!

My new baby sister / brother



Special Delivery!



We're jumping for joy!

The new love of our lives has arrived!!



Whose eyes sparkle like the stars?

Whose smile outshines the sun?

Whose skin is as soft as the moon-glow?

Our precious little one!




We reached for the stars

and got an armful of heaven




It's with much joy and pride

that we introduce to you



I have a new sister/brother

 She's/he's as cute as can be.

I'll be the best big brother/sister

 just wait and see!



He's as cute as a bug!

Announcing the birth of our son.


There's a new chief in town!



Frogs and snails

And puppy dog tails!


A baby fills a special place in your heart,

you never knew was empty.



Announcing our precious son/daughter.


We wished upon a star,

and our dream has come true!



Looking forward to excitement and fun,

announcing the birth of our wonderful son!


The nursery was packed,

with blankets and toys.

All that it lacked was a bundle of joy.

Now it's complete, we have a Boy!



He's/she's roped our love

and branded our hearts!


_________ rode into our lives on.


It's a boy/girl, we're proud to say.

And after nine months,

he's/she's ready to play


Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs,

nursery rhymes and lullabies.

A brand new life has just begun,

oh, what fun to have a son!


Double the trouble,

double the fun,

our second baby boy/girl

has finally arrived



Jump rope, swings and teddy bears,

pretty ribbons for her hair.


Our princess has arrived,

to spread magic and cheer,

to keep smiles on our faces,

throughout the year.



From the top of her head,

to the toes on her feet,

our new little girl,

has made our lives complete!


We welcome with love,

our tiny new blessing,

a gift from above.



Hey diddle diddle.

Someone new, someone little.

Introducing our son/daughter


She may be small when it comes to size,

But she's the queen of the cutie pies!



Up above the moon so high

like a diamond in the sky!

Presenting our new shining star!


From the top of her head

to the toes on her feet,

she is oh so sweet.

Introducing our daughter


Innocent, perfect and sweet as can be.

Our angel has arrived.blessed are we!



Twinkling stars in the heaven above,

are smiling down on our Baby with love.

We've been blessed with a son/daughter!


To be a child is to know the fun of living.

To have a child is to know the beauty of life


God's most beautiful thoughts

bloom into children.


Our Baby has brought

a touch of heaven to our Home,

and a world of happiness to our hearts!



Diaper pins and bottles,

these are the little things

that our new baby brings


Snips and snails and puppy dog tails,

that's what little boys are made of.


Announcing the arrival of our little boy



Look who's making a splash!


We have a new player on our team!



After nine months of construction,

our little project is complete!



It's a Boy!



Rub a Dub, Dub,

a new baby in our tub!


Our newest arrival

has landed right on time!




Multiple Birth Announcements


Our newest arrival

has landed right on time!



Double the diapers,

double the pins

double the pleasure,

we just had twins!


Two little angles sent from above,

two little girls for us to love



Double the love and double the joys.

We've been blessed

with a baby girl and a baby boy!


Three little blessings

their hearts formed in love.

Truly a miracle,

a gift from above!



Have you heard the news?

Some blessings come in TWO'S!


Two miracles instead of one,

two little lives have just begun!



Twenty fingers, twenty toes,

plenty of work, heaven knows!

Four little arms to hold tight,

four little cheeks to kiss night-night!


It is with great joy that we announce

the birth of our twins!



"Special Delivery!" called the stork,

as up and away it flew.

For suddenly into our lives had come

not one precious bundle, but THREE!


Good things come in triplicate

As you can see!



We counted our blessings,

thankful for one,

now we have two,

double the fun!



We are all "two" happy to announce

the arrival of



At first we thought it would be pink or blue,

then what a surprise, not one baby but two!


Twice as precious and

twice as much fun,

we've been blessed two times

rather than one!



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