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Table Names

Table names are an important part of the seating plans for receptions and dinner parties. When guests arrive, they will be directed to a seating diagram or given cards to guide them to their table. The table name cards are the first thing your guests will look for when they arrive, so why not make them fun and welcoming. The possibilities for names for tables are endless! 

Ideas for Table Names:
Name tables for weddings, Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day parties after famous lovers, Kings and Queens, legendary movie stars or romantic love songs

All event and wedding themes can be incorporated into name cards for tables, such as the names of butterflies, flowers, seashells, Disney characters, gems, movies, places, fairies and candies.
Table names with photos and numbers for ages are an expressive way to display childhood pictures of the bride and groom
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Table name cards that relate to the bride and groom will add an especially intimate touch to your wedding reception. If you don’t have a specific wedding theme, you can name tables after things that relate to both of you, including favourite activities, books, movies, places or hobbies. Table cards make a great conversation piece for your guests and can be styled to match perfectly with your table decorations. Here at Handmade By me Limited, our team of wedding stationery designers fashion table names specifically for your needs, and we guarantee that you will love them!

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