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Order Of Service

The Order of Service is a little booklet that describes your wedding. Order of the day is a similar booklet for civil services. These booklets describe the events of your wedding. We can handle rush orders. We also offer worldwide shipping.
All of our Order of Service/ Order of the Day booklets are custom made in our Brighton Studio. Our designers will work with you to produce the finest booklets possible. We have a wide variety of stationery, materials, and styles to choose from. We make it very easy to match your wedding theme. 

These booklets will cover the events of the wedding, including the words to the hymns sung during the ceremony. Order of the Day is a similar booklet for civil weddings. These booklets will be handed out before the wedding ceremony.

Order of the Day is a bit shorter due to no religious elements included. It is a timetable of the ceremony to let your guests know what is happening and when.

We will also provide matching place cards, table setting, and menus. Our designers will do their best to match your personal style.

It is a normal practice to have just one booklet per couple or family.

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