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We design wedding stationery sets that include beautiful trendy invitations that are embellished with elegant ribbons, beading, flowers, charms and more. 
On the other hand, we have many additional kinds of invitation ideas and sample wording for invitations that we know you will love. Some of the styles of invitation samples that we carry are:
All of our samples are made to order so please, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.
We are happy to offer samples of our Invitations to help you choose the right design for you. 
  • Samples are provided with presentation boxes, Tissue paper wraps and in some cases hand tied bows to show you the optional extras available. 
  • Samples are priced at £4.99 each but this does not reflect the actual prices which are design dependant.
  • Samples are limited to a maximum of three designs. 
  • Should you choose to order your stationery with us the cost of one sample is, if returned to us, refunded against your future order over £100.00. 
  • To order your samples please see below and add them to your basket - should you have any difficulties then please contact us and we'll do all we can to help 
  • Unfortunately we are unable to take sample requests over the telephone.
  • Should you go on to place an order with us from this sample then we do ask for it to be returned as we don’t keep copies and this enables us to get an exact colour match. 
  • Any amendments (for example the colour) then please send a colour swatch (a small piece of fabric, ribbon or pantone colour) along with the original sample. From this and our lengthy discussions about your requirements and your wedding invitation insert text we will issue an email proof. 
  • We do not charge for proofs or the colour changes you may require to coordinate the wedding 
We supply samples of the following
Couture Wedding Invitations
Engagement Invitations
Anniversary Invitations
Birthday Invitations
Bridal Shower Invitations
Party invitations
Holiday Invitations
Graduation invitations
Dinner Invitations
Save the Dates
Social Event Invitations
Family Reunion Invitations
Here at our design studio, we create gorgeous event and wedding Invitations in a variety of different fashions and materials to match your unique theme. It is important to us to create only the finest individual style of invitation samples that you desire, so that your big day is unforgettable. Our entire selections of invitations are custom made specifically for you, resulting in one-of-a-kind stationery products. When you order from us, you will see just why we are a step above the rest!

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