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Locket Sample-Beatrice

ID# Beatrice

This is a most beautiful and elegant product and are a great addition to our wide selection of wedding invitations.

These wedding invitations are six inches on all sides, each with a gorgeous velvet to the touch cover, thus, giving your wedding invitations the classic and sophisticated touch unique to the artists of �Handmade By �me�.

The beauty of this design is the silver heart shaped locket with an attached key. The key having a little heart cut out to attach the chainto the locket.

For this design there are a large selection of Mount and Ribbon colours, giving you the chance to match them perfectly with your individual wedding theme, and subtly give your guests the first taste of yourunique wedding style.

The invitation, comes with a pocket at the back of the invite which includes an RVSP card, and its envelope.

The Beatrice set is presented within a lovely tissue lined box.

This package also has printed labels with the names and addresses of each of your guests for each guest�s box and card.

Ribbon    Card Colour    Top card   

Our Price: £ 4.99

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