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Guest Names and Address

Please note -

  1. We are unfortunately unable to accept any other spreadsheet for your guest names.
  2. If you copy from another program then it needs to be copied into our spreadsheet.
  3. We are unable to download from Skydrive or XLS Viewers if you use these then please ensure you attach this spreadsheet to your email as we will be unable to download it.
  4. If your system does not have excel then we will need to print a line for you to write your own.
  5. If your spreadsheet has mystery characters (mainly if it is copied from another program) this will print on your invitations and envelopes- we are unable to accept responsibility for this.
  6. MAC users you may have problems with the guest names please liaise with us for a solution

Please click here to download our spreadsheet- 

http://www.handmadebyme.co.uk/s2g/handmadebyme/Guest Names 97-2003 Excel.xls 

See tabs at the bottom of spreadsheet to complete the relevant parts for your invitations

You will need to save it to your desktop before using otherwise you will lose all your information on sending to us.

This is a service we provide for our invitations and any mistakes on the spreadsheet will be down to the typist not the printer.

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