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Gold Plated Crystal Trinity Knot Tiara RRP £77.00 SALE

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Trinity Knot Tiara

Retails for over £77.00 ($120 (US)

Comes new and boxed

The beauty of Ireland is reflected with the crown jewel of this exquisite line.

 These pieces are rhodium plated and set with fine Austrian crystals.


The highlight of this piece is the Celtic Trinity Knot.


The design is approximately 4 ½” long.


The centre trinity knot is approximately 1” high.


Made and shipped from Ireland to me and then to you.

Please allow 14 days for delivery

However if you need it before then let me know I sometimes stock items


This is available in Rhodium & 14k gold plate.


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This ancient knot has stood for many things over the centuries.

In the Celtic tradition, many deities had three forms.

The Celtic Trinity Knot or the Triquetra, is one of the most beautiful of the knot ilk.


The term Triquetra comes from Latin, and it means "three-cornered."

There are many schools of thought when discussing the Celtic Trinity Knot meaning.


All of the various interpretations agree on a culmination of three parts.


For example,

One interpretation can be found in a more metaphysical arena where the three corners represent mind, body and spirit.


This wide array of interpretations reminds us that the meanings of these engaging knots are not set in stone.


The perfect Wedding Jewellery for your Celtic or Medieval wedding theme


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