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5 Out of the Ordinary Christening Invitations

When it comes to a baptism ceremony, the right christening invitations are just as important as the christening gown and the decorations for the party. If you’re planning a unique baptism celebration, chances are you’re looking for a special invitation. An experienced stationer can help you create a christening invitation design that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

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1. Dragon or Dinosaur Baptism Invitations

Here at Handmade By me, we offer the remarkably charming Lucian the Little Dragon or Dinosaur Invitations. These christening invitations are made of a quality square Velvet feel card and are available in ivory, pink or blue. There is one dragon design and four dinosaur designs to choose from.  It’s the ideal choice if you’re looking for a fun invitation.

2. Scented Baptism Invites

When it comes to creating outrageous christening invitations, let’s not forget fragrance christening invitations. While it may seem beyond all reason, the simple trick of adding a special scent can make a big impression. Just imagine opening up a darling infant baptism invitation and smelling the fresh sweet aroma of baby powder or the clean scent of Holy Water Cologne Spray.

Very lightly spray the inside of the envelope, or an added tissue paper, and let dry. Always remember to use a nonoil-base fragrance spray that won’t stain paper, and be sure to test it first on one invitation before spraying it on the rest.  

3. Show Off your Child’s Imaginative Talent

If you’re looking for an unusual idea for a christening ceremony or baptism celebration for a child, think about adding your child’s artistic ability to the invitation. Have your youngster draw a self-portrait or vision of her baptism and ask a stationer to incorporate it into the invitations. It will be a wonderful addition to your child’s scrapbook of milestones and something that will be cherished for a lifetime.

4. Sean Silver Dummy Christening Invitations

These incredibly cute baptism invites are outrageously over the top with the beautiful silver dummy embellishment. They are simply adorable with a soft velvety feel, which is an exclusive added touch of the talented stationers at Handmade By me. Each one is decorated with a gorgeous ribbon available in your choice of colour and presented inside a pretty tissue lined box. Moreover, the invitations include a pocket at the back with a RVSP card and envelope inside.

5. Luxury Photo Christening Invitations

Step out of the box and create a photo baptism invitation that reflects your child’s personality. While photo invites often contain a “Sunday best photograph,” sometimes it can be fun to create a more quirky invitation, especially when it’s for a baby christening. It’s the perfect time to show off one or several of your favourite goofy photos of your little one by simply adding them to your invitation design.  An experienced stationer can make all of your unique stationery ideas come to life!

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